Leadership is broken and we are here to fix it.

People leave leaders, not jobs

Our leadership development journeys are handcrafted to nurture your leadership pipeline and create a ready supply of empathetic and effective leaders from within.

Reasons to invest in leadership development :

  • Increased top-line results due to more effective leaders
  • Higher leadership and team engagement, resulting in cost savings and higher effectiveness
  • Being a magnet for great talent

Our Philosophy

We believe Leadership is about behaviour. Put simply, true leadership development occurs when leaders lean in and upgrade their behaviours to have more positive impact on their people, their stakeholders, and ultimately their business.


To embed behavioural change requires strong foundations via a leadership mindset, self-awareness, social awareness and understanding the fundamental drivers of business. We believe it starts with self-leadership – knowing one’s self, warts and all.

Our Programs

Our custom leadership programs are tailored to your business’s unique context & strategy, as well as your specific people challenges. From our decades of collective experience, we have distilled our core programs into the four key leadership pivot points.

Our custom programs include core modules in building Resilience, Self-Awareness, Challenging Conversations, Emotional Intelligence, Influencing, Strategic Thinking, Leadership Mindset, Coaching, and many more.

Delivery Options

Our programs are a combination of pragmatic and practical development.

To ensure that our programs meet the busy schedules of your leaders, we offer a range of delivery options – from online modules and webinars to in-person interventions and workshops. Learning and behavioural change is then embedded and maintained via coaching and refreshers.

We also offer train-the-trainer programs to enable you to run future leadership development programs in-house.

We customise our solutions to meet your industry needs and unique nuances and work with a variety of tools to deliver value.


This comes in two forms.

  1. Leadership capability assessments and
  2. Program effectiveness to ensure you can measure the impact of your development investment(s).

We achieve this measurable impact by agreeing up front the shifts you and your business need from your leadership cohorts.

We carry out pre- and post-program checks to help you see the impact created.

Leadership capability assessments available include:

  • Self-assessments
  • 180- or 360-degree assessments
  • Targeted psychometrics
Leadership facilitation