Danielle and Yan Coaching chat

Our coaching philosophy is centered around helping leaders learn, instead of ‘teaching’ them.

We support leaders across the spectrum of leadership levels and experience through our skilled team of coaches who have over 10 years of experience each. We have crafted journeys for businesses and people leaders across industries and sectors to unlock their potential.

Benefits that our Coaching brings you and your business:

  • Enhanced leadership effectiveness by enabling leaders to use their strengths
  • Trusted advisors who provide guidance on safe and supportive experimentation with new ideas
  • Expanding perspectives to expose leaders to new and diverse thought processes

Our Approach

Having rapport and a connection with someone’s Coach is crucial to growth. That is why we take a proven approach of:

  • Sharing diverse coaching profiles with details of experience and backgrounds
  • Arranging a chemistry meeting with up to three of our Coaches you nominate
  • Once you’ve selected a Coach we recommend 5-6 sessions to get the most out of the coaching relationship
  • Agreeing on outcomes and review cadence with the Coach
  • Coaching you towards success

We can also organise three-way reviews with your people leader and even organise feedback via a targeted 360 (your company’s or a custom one from us), or collection of informal feedback via confidential conversations with selected stakeholders.